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If you are interested in working with your hands, building things, developing your skills, and following a career path with a future, we want to talk with you.

Laborers - Apprentices - Journeymen - Project Managers

We offer a team-based working environment. We look for workers who have a positive outlook and look forward to going to the jobsite. For qualified candidates, our wage and benefit packages are slightly above the industry standard.

We provide training in the skilled trade of cribbing. Our journeymen cribbers take time to train apprentices in every aspect of the trade.

If you are a responsible journeyman or apprentice who wants to excel in team atmosphere, please email your resume to Marvin Thiessen.


Cribbers are trades people who construct and assemble wood forms ready to receive concrete to shape footings and foundation walls of homes or commercial structures. Cribbers develop carpentry skills, and work with a variety of building tools and building products.

Cribbing is one of the most important trades in building a new home or commercial building. A new structure requires perfectly square and level foundation walls placed correctly on specified footings. This enables all other trades to perform their jobs properly. This is what Thiessen professionals and trades people do.

Many Thiessen employees started as laborers, became apprentices, then journeymen and later crew leaders and project managers. What makes a good cribber? These are just a few attributes. Cribbers enjoy working outdoors, with their hands, building things and developing their skills.

  • Good to excellent physical condition
  • The ability to stand, crouch and kneel for long periods of time
  • Manual dexterity
  • Good sense of balance when working on scaffolds and ladders
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and accurately
  • Ability to work well within a team
  • Study building plans to determine details of the work to be done based upon builder specifications and building codes.
  • Transport Duraform sections, rebar and tools to the worksite and off load.
  • Measure, cut, bend and tie together rebar to required lengths and shapes based upon foundation layout.
  • Assemble Duraform systems and insert rebar between forms and install ties and whaler bars securing forms ensuring level, flush concrete foundation.
  • With some jobs, participate in concrete pouring.
  • Disassemble Duraform systems and reload ready for transport.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area.
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